Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven, Tiāntán Park // LUMIX GH4

Filmed during an early morning in the Temple of Heaven park, Beijing.
music_Boards of Canada - Tears from the Compound Eye

The Temple of Heaven, known in Chinese as Tiāntán, was one of the first famous Beijing sites I visited. My first visit was on a hot summer day when it was packed with tourists, but I was nevertheless enchanted by the ancient temple and its buildings. Strolling around its 600-year-old grounds was like journeying back in time. By dusk, I discovered it had transformed into a public hub where locals would dance to music, exercise and socialize. I particularly enjoyed the “outdoor karaoke” sessions, where couples would enthusiastically sing revolutionary “red” songs blared from small speakers. The next time I visited the Temple of Heaven was at sunrise, shortly after doors opened to the public. At 6 am, the first locals trickle into the park and start going to their usual spots to exercise. I felt more aware of where I was after spending the morning exploring the park before daytime crowds took over. The Temple of Heaven provides an interesting snapshot of Beijing, where history and modernity come together. This is China, this is its capital Beijing.

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Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven (中文: 天坛) is a tourist attraction, one of the Religio