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Yu Garden

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Mario Enrico
august 13 2012.

Unfortunately it is a place already too western oriented. Lost its beautiful traditional history. No soul. You can even find Starbucks. This is too sad.

Jeremy Le Van
december 11 2011.

Super touristy, but the garden can be nice. Get lost on the streets right outside of Yu garden, much more typical.

april 29 2014.

A quiet piece of old China in bustling Shanghai. It does absorb a lot of people but still could get a quite crowded. Come in the morning to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere.

Filipe de Souza
september 28 2013.

The 40 yuan is worth it...

september 28 2013.

Be wary of a friendly group of young Chinese usually around the metro.They will ask you to take a picture of them to start conversation and than will lure you to a tea house to pay for a performance.

october 21 2012.

Many people but a lovely & beautiful place to visit :) One-must see in Shanghai! ;)

Venny F. Venistine
may 4 2013.

So touristy place.... This is the situations in front of Entrace Gate of Yu Garden. So crowded...! Avoid on week end if you willing to visit here..

Jessica Ho
june 23 2010.

Even if you're a native, don't take the first price offered. Everything can be haggled down!

Alya Danilova
april 6 2015.

Amazing feeling,tasty snacks,garden is perfect. But too many ppl at weekends and twice price for all stuffs where

Alban Nogaret
december 22 2014.

Between Christmas and New year's eve is the only moment where the place is not crowded

october 18 2013.

BE A FISH MAGNET: Smuggle in some bread crumbs or fish food & they ALL will be yours!

Chris Ng
january 31 2010.

Get a map (or take a photo of the map at the entrance) cos it can get quite confusing inside.

OngAndrew 翁
march 28 2015.

Really an awesome park cum garden. Take time to walk around & experienced the Chinese decorated this beautiful garden.

Sin Wei
december 26 2014.

Garden with lots of rocks decor; typical Chinese garden; worth to go in and snap photo around. Peak season cny 40; low peak season cny 30

Willard Walker
november 15 2014.

I avoided this place for over two years because I could not imagine such a nice garden in such a tourist trap. I should have come sooner!

Carmen Marroquin
october 4 2013.

Pasea por el barrio antiguo y no dejes de visitar este magnífico jardín chino

november 13 2013.

Как же тут круто! Это одно из немногих мест, куда я хочу вернуться второй раз.

Dmitriy Geranin
august 10 2013.

Ребята. Это охуенно

Gencer Turgay
may 1 2013.

eski çin kültürünün şangaydaki kalesi, mutlaka görülmeli

Deniz Y.
september 1 2012.

Yaun garden girişinde taksiden inince sol aradan yürüyün ilk sola dönün yol boyunca sokak satıcıları var çok uygun fiyatta ve sağdaki dışarıdan uyduruk pasaja girin en alta inin iste size toptancı

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