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Tulay ng San Juanico

Bridges in Kabalawan
Tulay ng San Juanico
Tulay ng San Juanico — Lec Leirbag
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Ang Tulay ng San Juanico (San Juanico Bridge) ay ang pinakamahabang tulay sa Pilipinas na pinagdudugtong ng ang mga pulo ng Leyte at Samar. Ang tulay ay dating kilala sa pangalang Marcos Bridge dahil naipatayo ito sa administrasyon ni Pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos. Ito ay humigit kumulang na 2.2 kilometro.

Ang lathalaing ito na tungkol sa Pilipinas ay isang . Makakatulong ka sa Wikipedia sa pagpapalawig nito.

Ang lathalaing ito na tungkol sa Agham ay isang . Makakatulong ka sa Wikipedia sa pagpapalawig nito.

Tips & Hints

Oliver Cam
Oliver Cam july 8 2013.
Hire a pumpboat at the Tacloban pier area behind McDonald's for around P800-1,000 for 1 hour and see the bridge from underneath for an alternative view of its beauty and the surrounding islets! :)
Juliet Amazona
Juliet Amazona august 18 2012.
Make sure to have a pic this historical bridge in the Philippines. Glad I was here!
Roldan John Larios
Roldan John Larios october 17 2013.
the longest and the most beautifully designed bridge in southeast asia
Jennifer Non
Jennifer Non march 16 2013.
Best way to enjoy the scenery and take pictures is to walk the length of the bridge :)
April january 8 2012.
Fun to pose in the midst of bridge then run aftrwrds, heavy trucks are coming!
Katherine Chloe De Castro
Katherine Chloe De Castro august 11 2014.
Best time to take a pic is during sunset. Notice how San Juanico is partly shaped like the letter L (for Leyte) and shaped like the letter S towards the end (for Samar).
Jedwyn Marc Salado
Jedwyn Marc Salado september 1 2015.
Tge view is breathtaking😍
James Reli
James Reli june 16 2015.
The view is breathtaking. Crossing the bridge took me 15 minutes and it's a must if your into daring distances. The road shakes and it's a long way down from up there.
Makumel august 25 2014.
Fanvill Hardware, Nula-Tula, Tacloban City.
Adriel Catada
Adriel Catada may 16 2014.
Samar side too dark at night because the streetlights are not functioning.
ces cille
ces cille may 12 2014.
no stopping anytime
Florina Villaflor
Florina Villaflor september 23 2013.
If you experience passing through this bridge try to get out the car na see the view. Its nice. :)
JÉz Quirit
JÉz Quirit september 9 2013.
Perfect view in the morning! It fogs! The bridge is beautiful! I'm so lucky to see this historical bridge! It forms letter L and S which stands for Leyte and Samar. It's also known as Marcos Bridge!♥
Claire Arevalo
Claire Arevalo february 8 2013.
Installation of fiber optic samar to leyte
EJ Sagaral - Geba
EJ Sagaral - Geba december 1 2012.
A 2.50 km stretch from Samar to Leyte. You can walk from one point or another. You can ride a trike and walk thru, ride a jeep to Samar and/or Leyte or rent a van. Great scenery if you decided walking
Ry Estipona
Ry Estipona october 6 2012.
If you want to take photos, dont leave the car with you. You go down and let your car turn around at the end of the bridge. To avoid traffic and accident.
ervin elgincolin
ervin elgincolin february 3 2012.
LONG AND WIDING ROAD TO catbalogan city......... in just 1 hour drive
Peachy Menda Cascayan
Peachy Menda Cascayan july 7 2012.
Lesson learned: kun makadto ka ha leyte, tapos uran ha samar. Wear safe cloths. Kay naadlaw ngayan ha leyte.tapos brownout pa gud... Diba nakasweater ak. Heheh
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