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Snowdrops mark the first sign of spring, flowering ahead of daffodils and bluebells. They emerge through frozen soil from January and are in bloom until late-February. When you see a drift of snowdrops it's easy to understand their appeal. Most of them appear very early in the year while other bulbs lie dormant, and they never fail to lift the spirits and remind us that spring is on its way. There are several hundred cultivars of snowdrop, often only distinguishable by the markings on the inner three petals of each flowerhead. There are both single and double varieties; most are green although some, e.g. Galanthus nivalis 'Sandersii' are yellow. Press L to view in Lightbox <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> © Jim Roberts JR's Gallery
Red Forest (Українська: Рудий ліс) is a tourist attraction, one of the Historic places in Pryp'yat', Ukraine. It is located: 264 km from Chernihiv, 331 km from Kiev, 404 km from Homyel', 800 km from Vinnitsa, 850 km from Mogilev. Read further
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